Friday June 14, 2024
Naseem Shah

In a press conference, Pakistani fast bowler Naseem Shah said on the question asked in English that ‘I only know 30% English. My English is over now’

Pakistani players remain tight in the matter of English. They can’t speak much English. Because of this many times they also become a laughing stock. Meanwhile Naseem Shah himself told that I do not know English. He said this in the press conference related to the Test series against England. The journalists sitting there started laughing at his answer.

Naseem Shah was questioned by an English journalist about James Anderson’s game. After this, Naseem Shah called Anderson a legend and said that he is bowling even at this age because he has worked hard. Being a fast bowler, I can understand this thing. After this answer of Naseem Shah, the journalist once again questioned him about the low speed of Anderson.

This time Naseem Shah said that look brother, I had only 30 percent English and it has ended. After this he said that Anderson knows how to take wickets. He is a legend player. He has long experience of bowling. Everyone present in the press conference started laughing on the matter of English.

The England team has come to Pakistan to play a Test series after 17 years. England’s performance after playing after such a long time will be worth watching. It is not going to be an easy task for England to win while playing on Pakistani soil.